How can you help us?

As the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute, we have seen a growing demand for the care of injured or orphaned wild animals. In the year 2018, we admitted 390 animals that needed treatment. 2019 saw this number rise to 600. Saving wildlife is a team effort, and our staff would like you to join us as we work to save species. You can donate, volunteer or sponsor some of the expenses of our efforts.



Medical CareWe do our best to save injured wild animals, to look after them during their rehabilitation period and to provide food and care for those which will not be able to live independently in nature. Many of our success stories are only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Please help us by making a donation.


There are three easy ways of making donations:


1. Send an SMS

Type "support" and send message to 1190 to donate one-off donation of 50 TL, or send a message to 4271 to make monthly donations.

  • "abone koru100" for monthly donations of 100 TL
  • "abone koru50" for monthly donations of 50 TL
  • "abone koru20" for monthly donations of 20 TL

2. Make a bank transfer / deposit cash

Another way of making a deposit is to make a transfer or direct deposit to our bank account at İş Bankası. Account information:

Account Name: Taskent Doga Parki

Account Number: TR51 0006 4000 0016 8040 1172 89

Branch: İş Bankası Gönyeli

3. Donate Online

Donations are also accepted online, via our paypal account





TurtleIn – kind contributions are most welcome. There is a constant need for animal feed and medication. You can make a payment at one of our suppliers for any amount you would like to contribute. For the contact addresses of our suppliers, please send us a message on our facebook page or by email (



We need volunteers to carry out our rehabilitation, research, and conservation work! If you are interested in volunteering at our institute, please see information on our volunteer page.



Sponsorships are essential for our center to become a sustainable organization. This is an easy way of contributing towards the constant day-to-day expenses of the animals during their recovery period in the form of bedding, feed, and medication. You can contribute to the conservation of nature and wildlife, environmental education and awareness raising efforts by donating 200 TL (or more) per month. There are “bronze”, “silver”, “gold”, “platinum” and “diamond” levels of sponsorships. A certificate of sponsorship will be presented at the initiation of your sponsorship. Corporate sponsors will be able to offset a portion of their sponsorship against their tax liability for that year. Please contact us for more information.

Sponsorship Certificate