What to do if you find an injured or orphaned animal

  1. Injured? Bring it!

    • If you find an injured animal,you can bring it in or call 1190 Wildlife Support Line to get instructions on what to do.
    • Safely contain the animal (see our page for tips on handling an injured animal)
    • Bring directly to the center. We are open everyday including holidays, work hours given below.
    • Even if there are flies, ants or worms crawling on the animal, we may still be able to save it. Please bring it to the center, you do not need to call first.
  2. Suspected Orphan? CALL 1190

    • If you suspect that the animal is an orphan, then please call 1190 Wildlife Support Line before picking it up.
    • If the animal is in a safe location, then please leave it where it is and wait for us to return your call with instructions on what to do.
    • If the animal is not in a safe place (e.g. road), then contain it in a box, note the exact location it was found, look for its parents and call us.
    • If the animal is a lone duckling, or a group of them wandering without mom, then contain them in a box. You do not need to call us, keep them dry, and bring them to our center.
    • More tips on what to do with an orphaned animal